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2013/14 Grand Jury Report

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Plumas County Grand Jury Association

To provide the general public with informational and educational materials and activities on the California Grand Jury system that will help increase public awareness of the valuable role the Grand Jury plays in our democratic system of government.

What can we do as residents of Plumas County to contribute to a better County? Have you thought about being a volunteer at a museum, a school, a senior center, or on the Grand Jury? Maybe you could fill a spot on some Board, or attend Board meetings to learn what is going on in your community. Do you encourage your family and friends to visit Plumas County? Could you afford one meal out a month to support a local restaurant? Could you shop at a local business instead of buying things in Chico, Susanville or Reno? Plumas County will be what we make it. We hope our work will enlighten you to some of our County assets and inspire you to take an active part in a Grand Plumas County.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke) 1729–1797

Aid the Plumas County Superior Court by assisting in the screening process in selecting a sitting Grand Jury.

Aid the sitting Grand Jury by providing research materials and special projects.'

Educating the general public of the value of the Grand Jury system in Plumas County.

Civil Watchdog Responsibilities